Luxurious Villa & Chalet Caretaking

Whistler Luxury Villas and chaletsLuxurious villa & chalet caretaking services by Aloha Whistler Accommodations. Many Whistler homes sit empty during the week or for months at a time. Aloha Whistler can care for your luxurious Whistler Chalet or Villa when you're not there. Our caretaking services are designed to meet the unique needs of Whistler homeowners.

Protect your home! Aloha Whistler Property management and caretaking services have been providing security services to Whistler homeowners for over 20 years. Trust Aloha Whistler Accommodations to monitor your home and ensure that it's safe, secure and protected against threats such as burglary, flood and fire. Don't allow your luxury vacation rental property to be at risk, contact Aloha Whistler Accommodations to learn more about our property caretaking services.

For our security services we partner with SecureCare, who are highly qualified professionals that will monitor, visit, inspect and maintain your home, ensuring it's ready for you to enjoy from the moment you arrive. Our Whistler vacation rental team ensures that we deliver an outstanding experience every time.

Our Luxury Caretaking Accommodations INCLUDE:

whistler luxury home caretakingCompass Point 7126

whistler luxury caretakingThe Villa

whistler luxury home caretakingCompass Point 7130

whistler luxury caretakingCedar Tree Chalet

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