Crud 2 Mud Downhill

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2011
Time: AM
Location: Whistler Mountain

WhiCrud 2 Mud 2011stler resort welcomes the Crud 2 Mud Downhill ski / snowboard and mountain bike race back for another year May 29th, 2011.

Contestants in the Crud 2 Mud will start from the top of Whistler Mountain and snowboard or ski until they hit the mud where the mountain bikes are waiting to get them to the finish line at Whister Mountain Bike Park.

Crud 2 Mud Age Groups

This popular spring racing event in Whistler is designed for all ages from 13 years old and up broken down into different event categories:

13 to 18 years
  • Ski Solo Junior
  • Snowboard Solo Junior
40+ years
  • Same as above*
19 - 39 years
  • Ski Solo Male
  • Snowboard Solo Male
  • Ski Solo Female
  • Snowboard Solo Female
  • Open Male Teams
  • Open Female Teams
  • Open Mixed Gender Teams

Crud 2 Mud Accommodations Going Fast

Whistler Accommodation Call CentrePlanning to race the Crud 2 Mud? Bringing the family or coming with friends?

Let our Whistler accommodations reservation team find you the best place to stay in Whistler.

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