Whistler and Ironman. Not the Tony Stark kind!

Whistler and Ironman. Not the Tony Stark kind!

It's official!
Whistler will be host to at least the next 5 Ironman Canada Races!

Put a big circle on your calendar, August 25th, 2013 will be the first of Whistler's newest annual tradition. And what better place to be? This will certainly turn into one of THE top Ironman stops along the circuit, with Whistler's winding mountain roads, pristine lakes, and stunning mountain views along the whole course. 

There will be tons of events and outdoor activities on the go for competitors and spectators alike to kick off our first Ironman competition. Stay tuned for more info on that.

And it's never too early to book your summer vacation. Why not combine it with Crankworx 2013, happening August 9th to 18th?

Race registration can be done through Ironman Canada.

If you need any other information for this event, or lodgings for your future vacation, please feel free to contact us



*Picture courtesy of Whistler.com


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