Whistler Film Fest. Happening now!

Whistler Film Fest. Happening now!

That's right, 5 days and 75 films, along with many many special events on the go, Whistler Film Fest is getting right into the thick of things!

Night One was was a success with two films being screened, and from everything I've heard it was nothing short of perfect!

Day and Night Two are chock filled with 15 films being screened, as well as a special Trailblazer Award and Intimate Conversation with award winning actress and producer, and one of my favourite's to watch on TV, Rashida Jones (The office, Parks & Rec).

And she's not the only famous name in town right now. Mr. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) have both been cruising the Village Stroll, much to the ladies delight.
Julia Stiles (The Bourne trilogy) and the legendary Canadian folk/rock guitarist Bruce Cockburn are also in the village this weekend. Hopefully I can run in to good ol' Brucey, and have him write me into his next song. Pipedream, maybe??

Ok, back to the movies! 
SO many choices. With 15 happening tonight, and another 58 over the next three days and nights, I'm really at a loss of which to try and catch. It seems all of the movies are THE ones to watch this year. 
Makes it a little difficult to be in so many places at once. Hmmm, time to find a scientist and build myself a few clones that can go watch all the movies, and relay it all to my mind at once. 

On second thought, that sounds like a brain overload. I think I'll just stick to hoping that I've picked the best ones!

Rashida Jones
(My favourite, Rashida Jones)


Daniel Radcliffe
(Daniel Radcliffe. Spotlight and Q&A - Nov. 30 - Millenium Place)

Channing Tatum
(Magic Mike himself - Channing Tatum)



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