The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 14 - Snowmobile tours

The 16 days of Opening Day (almost better than Christmas): Day 14 - Snowmobile tours

On the 14th day of Opening day, my true love gave to endless field of untouched powder??

As Whistler and Whistlerites gear up for the start of another amazing season, in the 16 days leading up to Opening Day, I'm going to give you 16 different ideas of some awesome things to do this winter season!


Snowmobile Tours!
Escape to the backcountry, and find out just how much fun it is ripping up powder with an engine in between your legs.

Not to worry though, there are family friendly options available. Gentle rides, that showcase the natural beauty that British Columbian Mountain ranges have to offer.

However, if touring around just looking at scenery is sounding a little mundane, there are packages that can let you feel like the king of the mountain in no time flat!

This certainly turns into one of those days you don't forget anytime soon!

And best part, we can arrange everything for you.
Let us know what you want, and we'll make it happen. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!



**Photo Courtesy of Canadian Snowmobiles

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