December 12th Photo Updates

The big boss man, Gordy, got up on Wednesday December 12th on what turned out to be an absolutely GORGEOUS(!!!) day.

Below are some of the shots he snapped.
And no, I can guarantee he wasn't waiting around long each time to take pictures,
I'm stoked we were able to get these from him!

Blackcomb Glacier Pow - Dec 12 - Gordy
(Powder rips in Blackcomb Glacier)

Blackcomb Glacier - Dec 12 - Gordy
(ok, so he stopped quickly to show off his lines.)

7th - Dec 12 - Gordy
(Next, off to Heaven - of the 7th variety. Looks like the Snow Gods are smiling!)

7th 2 - Dec 12 - Gordy
(Certainly seems like a rough life out here, doesn't it?)


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