Whistler Tree Trek Tours

whistler-tree-trekWhile we think most guests will enjoy Zip Trekking, there is also a more conservative tour called Tree Trek. Tree Trekking is a series of boardwalks that are suspended in the trees.

You can always have 2 feet on the ground and still get great views of the valley and the creek far below. Guides will once again educate tree trekkers on the local environment and everyone will get a chance to enjoy the beauty of our rain forests.

A Tree Top Adventure

For the slightly less adventuresome, this 1.5 to 2 hour tour is a walk through a network of suspension bridges, boardwalks, and trails. Walk from the forest floor up to 180 feet into the ancient rain forest canopy in between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Professional guides highlight items of interest throughout the tour. Offered through Whistler’s ZipTrek Ecotours.

Discover secrets of the ancient rain forest from your bird’s eye view in the treetops of magnificent cedars, hemlocks and firs that host your guided, interpretive TreeTrek Canopy Walk adventure.

Tree Trek Tour Highlights include:

  • Aerial forest exploration 200′ above the waters of Fitzsimmons Creek and the valley that divides Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains
  • Treetop viewing platforms, suspension bridges, forest boardwalks and interpretive signage
  • Guided family-friendly adventure for all ages

TreeTrek guest enjoy an even stronger focus on our ecology and sustainability material in the same stunning and inspiring locale. And for some, the gentle sway of the suspension bridges offers the same exhilaration as riding a zipline does for others!

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