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A week full of snow!

A week full of snow!

Everyone is loving the sudden influx of snow on the mountain andin the village, even the dogs! It’s certainly brought a sense of joy to the air, and what couldbe better for the American Thanksgiving weekend? I know I’m certainly thankful for all the snow we’ve been gettingfor Opening week.  

In fact, nearly 160 cm/63 inches, or for those not in the mood todo mental calculations – over 5 feet of snow, has fallen in thepast week.  Every day has been a powder day! 

And today was no exception. With 25 cms falling overnight, and awhole ton of people in town, the vibe in the village was nothingshort of electric this morning. 

I was even able to get picture evidence this morning. Unlikeyesterday, I thought ahead to stop and take a click or two. Nothing better than being able to rip powder laps with a solidcrew! 

First picture shows the lack of visibility. Second picture showsthe depth of snow a little better.

Cover Photo courtesy of Logan Swayze | Coast Photo

Rock and Roll 1

Rock And Roll – Lack of visibility

Rock and Roll 2

Rock and Roll – Knee deep powder laps

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