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Blake Jorgenson Whistler Gallery

One of my favourite Whistler photographers has released his first set of photos in his Whistler 2013 gallery.A few of my favourites below:(Harmony Chair)(James Heim standing on top of the world….ok, 7th Heaven)(Dana Flahr killing the powder on Blackcomb)To view the entire gallery, click HEREPosted on Thursday, January 10, 2013 | Comments (0) | Category: Aloha News, Resort Information, Whistler Accommodations, Resort News | PermalinkCommentsNameEmail AddressComment …Read More

A Wonderful Start to the New Year!

Aloha! From Aloha!Now that the Holidays are over and done with, it’s time to get back to that fluffy white gold that keeps us all here.The word “Snowpocalypse” is pretty accurate these days!We’ve now broken the 19-feet of snow mark, and we still haven’t hit out 2 snowiest months yet.This could potentially be one for the record books. So if you’re trying to figure out where to take your vacation this winter, I have a suggestion for you.Why not come check out my backyard?*Photo Taken by Gordy. Much love, from the Aloha Whistler Accommodations, and the Sea To Sky Security …Read More

Book NOW and SAVE BIG!

Do you like saving money?Of course you do!Can I help you save money? Of course I can!How? By booking that vacation you’ve been wanting!How does spending your holidays in Canada’s snowiest Winter Wonderland sound? We’ve already received enough snow the Whistler Blackcomb has Announced an ERALY OPENING of November 16th!And from the looks of the forecast, we’re about to get another major dumping of that white gold right before the holidays “officially” start (wait, isn’t it always Holidays out here in Whistler??)We still have some fantastic Accommodations available over the festive season, and we’d love you to get our here …Read More

December 12th Photo Updates

The big boss man, Gordy, got up on Wednesday December 12th on what turned out to be an absolutely GORGEOUS(!!!) day.Below are some of the shots he snapped.And no, I can guarantee he wasn’t waiting around long each time to take pictures, I’m stoked we were able to get these from him!(Powder rips in Blackcomb Glacier)(ok, so he stopped quickly to show off his lines.)(Next, off to Heaven – of the 7th variety. Looks like the Snow Gods are smiling!)(Certainly seems like a rough life out here, doesn’t it?)Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 | Comments (0) | Category: Aloha …Read More

Spending Christmas in Whistler

With Christmas just around the corner, Whistler is starting to look more and more like the Winter Wonderland that makes this place so magical.All the trees are decorated with lights, and it looks pretty spectacular at night.But aside from just walking the Village stroll and looking at lights, what else is there to do?Ok, well since you asked….One of my favourites is the Dress Like Santa And Ski For Free day.It looks like it will most likely be happening on Saturday December 22nd, it is pretty much exactly as it sounds.Hundreds and Hundreds of skiers and snowboards all dressed as …Read More

The Deep, act 2

Ok, I know I posted this video the other day… However, Whistler Blackcomb has released the Snowboard version ofit, and being a snowboarder, I’m naturally inclined to be moredrawn to it.But I figured maybe it’s best to get the popular vote.Which one do YOU like more?*Cover photo courtesy: Rueben Krabbe. Skier: Eliel HindertSnowboard VersionSki VersionPosted on Friday, November 30, 2012 | Comments (0) | Category: Aloha News, Resort Information, Whistler Accommodations, Whistler Events, Resort News | PermalinkCommentsNameEmail AddressComment …Read More

Whistler Film Fest. Happening now!

That’s right, 5 days and 75 films, along with many many specialevents on the go, Whistler Film Fest is getting right into thethick of things!Night One was was a success with two films being screened, andfrom everything I’ve heard it was nothing short of perfect!Day and Night Two are chock filled with 15 films being screened,as well as a special Trailblazer Award and Intimate Conversationwith award winning actress and producer, and one of my favourite’sto watch on TV, Rashida Jones (The office, Parks & Rec).And she’s not the only famous name in town right now. Mr. DanielRadcliffe (Harry Potter) and …Read More

A peek at the Peak

I came across this picture today and got filled with excitementfor the Peak to be opened soon. It’s amazing what snow, an iconic Inukshuk, and thin clouds withthe Sun peaking through can create.It’s how I picture a Snow Storm in Star Wars to look like….*Photo Courtesy of Whistler BlackcombWebcamsPosted on Saturday, November 24, 2012 | Comments (0) | Category: Aloha News, Resort Information, Whistler Accommodations, Whistler Events, Resort News | PermalinkCommentsNameEmail AddressComment …Read More

A week full of snow!

Everyone is loving the sudden influx of snow on the mountain andin the village, even the dogs! It’s certainly brought a sense of joy to the air, and what couldbe better for the American Thanksgiving weekend? I know I’m certainly thankful for all the snow we’ve been gettingfor Opening week.  In fact, nearly 160 cm/63 inches, or for those not in the mood todo mental calculations – over 5 feet of snow, has fallen in thepast week.  Every day has been a powder day! And today was no exception. With 25 cms falling overnight, and awhole ton of people in town, …Read More

Official Opening Day

And with that, the start of the 2012-13 season has officiallybegun! Five days after Whistler side opened (and 5 feet of fresh snow inbetween), Blackcomb side opened up its Gondola doors to the public,and let us play in its bountiful snowy goodness!Conditions today were stellar, and filled with a whole bunch offresh fresh fresh snow! So much so, that riding it took number 1 priority, andunfortunately, the camera paid the price for that. However, I’m lucky to have some friends who enjoy taking pictureswhile they’re up, and let me use them!Enjoy a tease of what this winter will be bringing …Read More

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